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Selena Lauterer, president of Artemis Independent, has been fully immersed in the world of public broadcasting since 1998.

Previous to founding Artemis, she was co-owner of Pogo Promotions, LLC and even further back, headed up the National Promotions Unit at Oregon Public Broadcasting. 

Go deeper and you’ll find a poet, legal librarian, dedicated rescuer of wandering dogs, and onetime English teacher in just-post velvet revolution Czech Republic. 

Lauterer happily shares her screen time with a household full of devoted public television viewers, including daughters Olive and Ruthie, and husband extraordinaire, Dr. Kelly Davis. In the hope of avoiding any kind of leisure time whatsoever, Lauterer and Davis also create and produce independent projects through their own production company, HOGWILD FILMS.


Lauren Rizzo has been working with Selena since Artemis' early days. Her eclectic background as a writer, graphic designer and all-around people person lends itself well to the wide and ever-evolving scope of work Artemis is privileged to take on.

Serving as the company's West Coast connection, whenever she's not shooing cats off her computer keyboard, Lauren tries to get outside and enjoy the fine Oregon drizzle as often as possible. When damp turns to downpour, you'll find her contentedly knitting and watching OPB, squeezed onto the sofa with her son, Louis, and husband Kai – and most likely several four-legged companions. 


Lilly Steele grew up in a public television family, and joined the Artemis Independent team in 2017 after graduating from the University of South Carolina with a bachelor's degree in Mass Communication. She wears several hats as well, working on research projects, station outreach tracking and social media.

Another devoted animal lover, as formally required by Artemis Independent bylaws, Lilly also enjoys spending time with friends and family, traveling and hiking.

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Jane Burton was raised in a public television family as well, and officially joined Artemis in 2018, after graduating from the University of North Alabama with a Bachelor of Science in Entertainment Business. In addition to assisting the crew with station relations, a significant part of Jane’s job at Artemis involves wrangling projects for boonies.

The daughter of a veterinarian, Jane has had her fair share of furry friends over the years, and has been known to video chat long-distance with the family kitty. She also loves to go to music festivals and watch scary movies.


Meredith Casper came to Artemis in 2019 with skills in project design and management. She has studied education, counseling, art, design, and nonprofit administration. She previously worked at Duke University, Appalachian State University, and is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer.

Proving the“Boonerang” phenomenon true, Meredith has always found the High Country of North Carolina to be home. After her latest adventure in the Pacific Northwest, she looks forward to raising her daughter, Keziah, and her chickens with the Blue Ridge Mountains in her backyard. Meredith enjoys dancing in the kitchen with her partner, Jordan and hosts an annual Groundhog Day celebration. She is a hoarder of fabric and paper, and on the rare occasion gets the opportunity to make a mess and create with both.


Paying it forward

We've been incredibly fortunate in life and in the opportunity to do what we love – and we believe in giving back. When you work with Artemis Independent, you help us support the following organizations:  

Save the Children

Sierra Club

The Humane Society

World Animal Protection

National Wildlife Federation

Oasis, Inc.

Hospitality House